Back on the Train

I’m happy to be writing again. I had taken a couple week break to get settled and determine if continuing this blog was in line with my new “Professional Career.” Turns out it is!

My Very Professional Desk!

I started my role as a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft on July 7th, and will be contributing to this blog weekly; blurring the lines between professional evangelist and unprofessional man of many curiosities.

If you have any questions about Windows development or being a man, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Today on the agenda, is practicing presentation skills. One of our many mentors, John Alioto, has given us a couple of topics to research and use as material for our 5 minute talk. The questions are really good, I can’t share them with you now, but when I get the okay they are all worth investigating.

Ahhhh good question John. Taking us back to compilers… We’ll get to the full rundown later this week.

The Moon
I took this photo at the Oregon Observatory in Sunriver through one of the many beautiful telescopes you can use for just $8!

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