Hug a Cloud project Introduction!

Remember that flight where all the clouds looked like soft pillows?
And you imagined floating down and taking a little snooze on a bed made of clouds; resting your head on the softest pillow ever created.

Maybe when you think ‘cloud’ you think cloud computing and all the marvelous new ways cloud computing has made powerful scaling infrastructue available for all creators. And you want to give it a big high five.

Or maybe, you have a cloud certification exam you have to take and are feeling a little bit confused about the cloud and might want to take out some angst on the cloud.

Well, regardless of your cloud experience, I’ve been working on a fun little project to help get folks acquainted with how easy it is to begin developing for the cloud with a cloud!

The project will take place in three steps.
1. Setup raspberry pi to collect data
2. Setup your cloud
3. Connect a website to your cloud

All three of these steps have potential for numerous derivatives, but are presented in a very simple straightforward way.

I’d like to think of this series as the first step as you begin to build out much more complicated systems.

As a bit of a disclaimer, I am not expert on any of these three pieces, but I am passionate about learning and I do enjoy the number of fun project ideas that have sprung into my head since starting the project.

I’ll also be iterating on these project as I build up the complexity in the coming weeks. As for now this is the complete barebones solution: Version 0.1.

So lets get started with your raspberry pi!

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