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New Microsoft products!


We have some new products & we want you to help shape their future:

Visual Studio Code & Feedback Page

Visual Studio Community Edition & Feedback Page

Windows 10 & Feedback Page

Edge Browser & Platform Page + Feedback Page

Open Sourced ASP.NET & Feedback Page

Here’s more info if you’re curious!

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a cross platform text editor. Think Sublime, Atom, Notepad++, but with intellisense, git integration, and debugging!

A fellow TE, Tobiah Zarlez, has broken down some key features that I found super helpful: Tobiah’s Post

There is also great documentation on the code website about…

Supported Languages





The VS Code documentation is loaded with images and is an efficient way to become productive quickly.

Visual Studio Community Edition

If you’re looking for a more robust toolkit, I would also recommend Visual Studio Community Edition. This new edition is a free version of the previously priced $1000 pro version. It still supports plugins, server integration, and advanced debugging, but is free for teams smaller than 10 people. For students this could be an invaluable tool for projects.

Here are some helpful links:

Visual Studio Community Edition

Download page

Helpful Announcement Blog

Visual Studio Plugin Gallery

Visual Studio Jump Start

Feedback Page

Windows 10

Is the latest and greatest Windows operating system. Its right around the corner with some pretty awesome features.

It will be officially available July 29th, but is currently in free insider preview for people willing to get their hands on the latest bits.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Windows 10

Insider Program

Neat Features

Feedback Page

Edge Browser

Alongside the new OS is a brand new browser. This browser is fast, modern, and built for the next generation of the internet. It was previously codenmaed Spartan.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Edge Browser

Developer Landing Page

Developer Feedback

User Feedback

Both the Browser and Windows 10 are in (free) preview until July 29th when Windows 10 is released as a free upgrade for licensed PCs running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1.

Speaking of development pipelines… Open Sourced .NET!

Open Sourced .NET Core and ASP.NET: 

Open sourced .NET means .NET on different operating systems. Giving developers with all background the opportunity to build extremely powerful and extensible applications. Check out the Wikipedia article.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Announcement Blog

The GitHub

The Reddit Reaction

The ASP.NET open source page for Javascript fans

The Feedback Page for ASP.NET

The best part of these new products and innovations is the way they are being built. The consumers, myself included, are the product owners and our voice and suggestions are taken into account at each build cycle. So as you use the product you can post suggestions and upvote ideas to see them get sent down the development pipeline!

We want your opinion! You can shape the future of these projects!


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