Moving to California

On June 23rd I’ll be moving to San Francisco.

I’ve never lived in San Francisco.
I’ve never lived in California.
I’ve never had a career.
I’ve never ridden a motorcycle.
I’ve never commuted an hour to work.
I’ve never had to pay $300 a month for parking.
I’ve never been on a business trip.

But that’s all about to change… and I’m stoked!
I can’t wait to go to California!
My whole life I’ve been thinking about living in California. Every visit something fun would happen. My grandpa is from California, that’s where my great-grandfather and grand-mother emigrated when they left Ireland! I want to experience the city.

I feel like I should defend myself for wanting to live in California that I need a reason. It’s ironic I happen to me moving there at a time of anti-technology sentiment, especially in the downtown area. I feel like I’m contributing to a problem, and I have to find some way to justify it. Also, the cost of housing is the highest in the nation?! Whoa, that’s kind of a coincidence too. What is happening in San Francisco that is driving the prices so high? I hope I find out.


A couple ideas for a fellow yuppie transplant:

Where to live?

Apparently San Francisco’s neighborhoods have “Personality”:This article from the Bold Italic was helpful

Finding a place is tough, I liked this website for quick browsing just to get a gist various areas, and they provide information about the surrounding neighborhood: Trulia

This guy, Jason Evanish, breaks down moving to the city nicely: How to Find an Apartment in San Francisco

How to pack?

Packing is not easy or cheap. I’m still working on this one if you have any advice please share. I’ve been looking at these Portable Storage Unit companies, and I can’t tell if its worth it, and there are so many, and the quotes are tough to get, and I don’t want my stuff that bad anyways…
U-Haul U-Box

Ahh man that would be a good idea for an app, a moving cost calculator. Compare moving options, describe how much needs to be moved, how far, how much storage time, and how much work you are willing to do.

What Luggage to buy?
As a burgeoning Evangelist, I’ll probably be doing some travelling, and as a future colleague of mine said, “Buy good luggage”. I’m heading her advice and doing some research now.
This bag from TUMI seems helped me get an idea of what features to look for in cheaper pieces of luggage: TUMI
The video helps as well.

Getting a motorcycle?
According to my cousin and her boyfriend getting a motorcycle is the way to go. In California they have lane splitting which means you don’t worry about rush hour or staying alive. California has a good DMV website, and the checklist for getting a motorcycle license is clear, and to save money on your insurance and to not take the driving test at the DMV you can take a Basic RidersCourse.

Happy Derpy Dog
Out of Context Happy Derp

I hope this helps someone out.
Let me know if you have any questions!

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