Objective Public Speaking Feedback: Be a better public speaker

What a gift. The worse thing about speaking in public is the fear of judgement, but if you know you’re being judged there’s nothing you can do but accept the feedback and improve next time. Here’s a metaphorical video:

So here’s some objective feedback I received that could help anyone trying to become a better public speaker.

Practice – Practice a lot, and if you can record yourself and watch what objective things you can change.

Table of Contents – Set the context for what you’re going to talk about, especially if its technical. Make sure you highlight why your audience should care.

Point your feet towards the crowd – When you direct any part of your body away from the crowd they can feel your discomfort.

Careful with your hands – Don’t touch your face or any other part of your body, and make sure each movement has a purpose.

Tonality – Exaggerate your tonality to highlight points go up, find neutral, and finish down. Use this and pacing to draw in the audience. (Watch politicians for research)

Get Excited – Even if you have to fake it a bit, your energy will be contagious and if you can highlight one thing you’ll have an easier time making your message stick.

Thank you John Alioto, Felix Rieseberg, Christine Matheney, and Katherine Harris for the Feedback!

Andres in a Hobbit hole
My Friend Andres Channeling his inner hobbit in New Zealand. He sent me this photo with What’s App, which is kickin butt.

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