People Powered Movement Movement


We live in a city where People Powered Movement, can account for much of our commuting and transit and encouraging the behavior is something I can get behind.

Cars are too fast for most city streets, 30 MPH should be the max speed of this city. And we should start enforcing that speedlimit for the safety of people in People Powered Movement Machines.

I have a pleasant corner office at 10th and Market, and I can see dozens of bikers and walkers everyday. I want to make it so they feel as safe if not safer than people in cars in the city.

SF Bicycle Coalition also needs some competition. So today, I’d like to announce the creation of the the PPMM.

A Biking Club with the focused interest on making roads safe for People Powered Movement Machines. Not just bikes, Skateboards, kick scooters, rickshaws, roller blades, roller skaters, those cool cross country ski trainer things, heelys, etc. have a safe commute in our city.


I have a slight sensation that PPMM might mean something else… But I’m going to stay ignorant and positive for now.

If you bike in SF, you’re probably familiar with this arrangement.

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