People want to make things

I was in Portland for Easter weekend to spend time with family and enjoy Portland, which changes in little ways every time I go back. It’s growing in a lot of cool ways.

85 Suburban
Ryan’s 1985 Suburban. It was previously a Sunriver service car.

Anyways, while I was there everyone was asking me what I was going to do after school, and it was really fun watching their eyes light up as I told them I was going to be helping people make applications. People love coming up with App ideas! My cousin Ryan gave me 3 or more right off the bat! He loves vehicles of all sorts and had ideas that would help car enthusiasts work on their transmissions. How cool is that! Even my Grandma had an idea!

This got me thinking about the power technology has to put building tools in everyone’s hands! Pair people’s ingenuity with easy to use tools and we’re going to be improving people’s lives!


Crazy Mika
Cats are crazy. Taking care of a Cat is like dealing with a crazy predator that will only kind of mess things up.

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