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I have a portion of a talk at Silicon Valley Code Camp! I’ll be discussing Python w/ Azure. So far, I’ve been ramping up on Python so I can keep the talk relevant. In my learning I’ve come across some really awesome cultural tidbits that contribute to the awesomeness of Python Development.

  1. First Guido van Rossum, he is the Author of python. He is “Gawky and proud of it.
  2. Python is written as Guido intended er… indented it.
  3. PEPs or Python Enhancement Proposals are the way the Python community provides design documentation. Some contain Easter eggs and/or philosophical life lessons. They drive the progress of Python.
  4. The Zen of Python. This is what really blew me away about Python’s culture. PEP 20 is the Zen of Python. A philosophical view of how Python is written and helps developers maintain readable, beautiful code. Its absolutely wonderful maybe worth memorizing, and totally worth reading. You can access the Zen of Python simply by entering “import this” in the REPL. Ahhh so relaxing.

There are many great resources to get started with Python if this seems to align your Chakra. (Tobiah said this earlier today and it made me laugh)

The Hard Way
The Codeacademy Way

If you’re a student or teacher check to see if you have access to or Pluralsight as they both have great tutorial videos.

Sublime text is a great editor for getting started.
And Visual Studio has some great tools for python development. Scott Hanselman has a great blog for getting started with VS.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments below!

Steven with the Kannon
You can even write Kinect Applications with Python! Just click the photo to be taken to the openKinect wiki.

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