U Topia

A university would be a great place for a Utopia. A utopia focusing on learning, collaborating, and contributing to higher understanding would fuel a balanced lifestyle.

1393363443873The Chapel of St. Ignatius at Seattle U my soon to be Alma mater. For whatever reason certain things always look good.

Focus on Education is the main priority, I postulate that while we’re on earth we should focus on learning what we can about the universe and our world so we can take steps to make it a better place for its inhabitants.

Some examples:
Find a calling, have a meaning for your life: create a better world

Reasons for being there: Focus on Education, live happily among others with a similar focus. Work together to create things. Use technology to help our pursuits. Clean Energy, 3D printing, rapid digital communication and knowledge exchange.

Housing: You’ll be living with like minded individuals, without wasting time or energy commuting or managing logistics.

Food/Maintenance: This is pretty self explanatory, but I really like the idea of sharing food and maintenance responsibilities. Taking care of each other and the facilities would provide everyone a place in this society. Spend 1/3 of your time learning, designing, and crafting, 1/3 managing responsibilities cooking/cleaning/fixing, and the final 1/3 recreating/enjoying life.

Recreation: Fields and organized activities for everyone! Student clubs are integrated into your lifestyle, you’ll always be able to be part of new adventures, and when you can’t find a club to join you can create your own!
Proximity: A big part of this is just having everything nearby. If we don’t have to waste time getting to things we need or people we can collaborate with we’ll be significantly more productive.

I’d love to spend time in this community and in some ways I already do as a student, and I’m now realizing how valuable that time has been, and I look forward to promoting this style of institution in the future.

Do leaves change in color in the spring like flowers do? Crazy plant patterns are beautiful.

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