Visual Studio Code Extensions! (Typewriter Sounds)

The last two days I’ve been learning about Visual Studio Code Extensions!

This for all the Node/JavaScript Developers out there.

In the end, writing an extension turned out to be a joy. You basically get to create a little program that changes a tool you use everyday and tweak it to exactly what you want then easily publish this to the world.

I made Typewriter Sounds.
Here’s the Repo and the marketplace link

If you install this plugin, you’ll get typewriter sounds as you begin to edit your markdown file.

All the code is available on GitHub, and the instructions for creating your own extension are available on the well documented Visual Studio Code Extensions website!

I thought I’d share some links and resources to help you get started.

First installing an extension

Extension Overview

A simple example

All examples from the vscode team

How to use the Yo Extension Generator to get started Extensibility Reference Overview

vscode API

A couple more advanced examples:

Search from the editor:

Ember Cli for VS Code:

Vim Editor Commands for VS Code:

Publish your extension

Create the editor you want!

The Python Meetup celebrated their holiday party at 680 Folsom!
The Python Meetup celebrated their holiday party at 680 Folsom!

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