Visual Studio Code Information

What is Visual Studio Code?

Visual Studio Code is a source code and text editor for Windows, Linux and OS X. It includes support for debugging, embedded Git Control, rich development experiences such as intelligent code completion (also known as IntelliSense), and other features. It is also customizable, which means that users can change the editor’s theme, change the editor’s keyboard shortcuts, change the editor’s preferences, and others.
Visual Studio Code is based on Electron, a piece of software that is based on Chromium, which is used to deploy io.js applications for the desktop. Visual Studio Code uses the Blink layout engine to render the interface

How does it work?

Built on the Electron Shell with HTML based editor ‘Monaco’ used in F12 and Azure Websites.

Between Visual Studio and Notepad. It fairs right in the middle with other Editors like Atom, Sublime and Brackets.

To be clear, this is not a stripped down version of Visual Studio. This is an entirely new editor built from the ground up to be lightweight and highly usable right out of the box.

What makes it cool?

Command Palette

Ctrl + Shift + P = Everything!

Shortcuts! (Choice Few)

* Alt + Click = multi line edits!
* Ctrl + F2 = Select all occurances of current selection!
* Ctrl + K Ctrl + C = Add line Comment!
* F12 = Go To Definition
* Ctrl + \ = split editor
* Ctrl + 1/2/3 = switch between panes
* Ctrl + w = close window
* Alt + Up/Down = move line
* Ctrl + B = toggle sidebar
* Ctrl + Shift + V = Toggle Mardown Preview

Customizable shortcuts!

Customizable workspace settings!

settings.json to make changes!

File -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts

What kind of projects can I create?
Build and debug modern web and cloud applications.

List of Samples

These are supported languages:

There are bunch of Syntax coloring and bracket matching languages:

* Batch
* C++
* Clojure
* Coffee Script
* DockerFile
* F#
* Go
* Jade
* Java
* HandleBars
* Ini
* Lua
* Makefile
* Markdown
* Objective-C
* Perl
* PowerShell
* Python
* R
* Razor
* Ruby
* Rust
* Visual Basic

+IntelliSense for ‘rich languages’:
* JavaScript
* Less
* Sass

+Refactoring and references:
* C#
* TypeScript

Learn more about supported languages here:

Why should I use it?

* Bracket Matching!
* Selection and Multi Cursor!
* Alt + Click
* Ctrl + Alt + Down/Up to add cursors
* What
* Why
* How

Intellisense for Rich Languages!

Not just code completion, but helpful fuzzy search suggestions!

Parameter Help!



Cheat Sheet:

Create your own:
File-> Preferences

Here’s a couple for fun:
* a:link
* nav>ul>li

And more!
* Goto Definition
* Goto Symbol
* Open Symbol by name
* Gutter Indicators for Git
* Peek
* Hover -> CSS rules
* Reference Information for C# -> Like VS
* Errors and Warnings

Check out the whole list here:

Where can I get it?


Right Here!


W10 Retro Logo
W10 is almost here! Link to original post on reddit WOO

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