Squatty Potty

This thing is great, the science makes sense, and I haven’t had a bad number two since I installed it. The squat is a little cumbersome at first, but then you get used to the idea of dropping your pants all the way to get in the optimal position, and once you’ve arranged everything the deed is quick and pleasant.

The only bad thing is the mess and the look of it. it’s very plasticy and will get dirty easily. I would put it in the private bathroom of the house and encourage people to use it with a lot of privacy. The first couple times were awkward, and if the toilet is too close to the social space you might feel embarrassed. With or without squatty potty, pooping should be done in the most private bathroom of the house. I don’t like pooping in places where I know people can hear my… noises.

The squatty potty is a wise investment, I highly recommend it. Original Website and Amazon

Squatty Potty under toilet
Looks pretty good in the current bathroom