Worth Reading: Subhasis Answer to ‘How do Computers Work?’

This is a great question! And Subhasis has a great answer. The challenge of this question is met, and follow up continues with other great responses. Subhasis also provides this link for further reading as a continuing series. The former is worth reading for anyone living with a computer.

This article is worth reading because…

Subhasis answer is great a explaining the fundamental attributes of computers.
Provides an easy to read introduction to many complicated components.
Why is that important?
Understanding the components is essential for understanding the system.
Why do I care about this system?
Understanding systems is valuable for understanding why things are the way they are.
Why does that matter?
If we understand why things are the way they are, we can get at the root of how to improve them.
Alright, fine I’ll read it.

Love to continue the discussion in the comments below.

Lots of College students learning together
This awesome Panorama is just the large room at CalHacks! 1200 bright students hacked for 3 days on some amazing stuff! (Thank you Mary for the Photo!)

Python and Visual Studio in 5 minutes

Python is an excellent teaching programming language. It has all the tools to inspire students out of the box with plenty to grow on.

Development requires a basic understanding of computer science  but will teach essentials for large scale software development, object oriented design, polymorphism, and development environments.

I like python. The Zen is magnificent. It inspires me every time I practice and learn.

Microsoft arrives in the form of PTVS (Python Tools for Visual Studio) a powerful extension for Visual Studio that can be installed in all Versions of VS.

PTVS turns Visual Studio into a Python Dev Environment. Complete with Debugging, in window REPL (with autocomplete assistance), IntelliSense, configurable environments and virtual environments.

Its an extremely powerful tool.
While getting into PTVS I would recommend watching these two videos:

The second one especially will help you get a grip on how to configure development environments in Python, one of the most crucial parts of taking development to the next level.

Also, configuration of PIP, Setuptools, and virtualenv is all handled for you from there. Its freakin sweet. You can do all of this for free with Visual Studio Express.

Other helpful resources:
Python the Hard Way
Scott Hanselman’s Blog about PTVS
Pluralsight Subscribers
Python Tools for Visual Studio
Somasegar’s Post!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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