These things were found in meatspace.

The Locomotive

I found this while browsing through Everyday Music’s bargain bin collection. I had a book with the same art on the cover as this album, and I will never forget about that book and that’s amazing because the last time I looked at the actual book I was 5 years old. That’s a fifteen year long memory of something. Why? How? The brain is an amazing thing. Everything you see is amazing, and the fact this is true is amazing.

Never underestimate a hike

Never Underestimate a Hike. I don’t think I could say that too much. Every hike I go on is memorable or beautiful in some way. I always learn a lesson, and always feel better afterwards. Going on a hike is tough. Who has time for a hike. Not I. But I would really like to encorporate that experience into working with people and getting to understand them. Hikes are great. This hike was great because these roots were breaking from the soil and were wrapping around each other down this waterfall. Like some sort of hydroponic soil based hybrid. It was amazing! I wonder if something like mollusks or filter feeders would ever succeed in an environment like that. It was a beautiful waterfall. Not to be underestimated.

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