Bot Demo and Azure Resources

Hope you enjoyed the demo!

Here are the resources I used to build the demo this evening:
Microsoft Bot Framework SDK
PayPal Demo Source Code
Microsoft Cognitive Services
Microsoft Language Understanding and Intelligence Service (LUIS)
Microsoft Azure Web Applications
Visual Studio Code

Here’s a couple more resources for you to consider as you make the leap into bots

Microsoft Case Studies
Real World Code
Bot Framework SDK
Bot Builder Examples
Bot Builder Node Samples
Bot Builder C# Samples
Location Dialog
FAQ Builder
Bot Directory – Check out Murphy Bot
And Hipmunk Bot for Skype

Azure Resources:
Data Center Geography
Azure Pricing Calculator
Support your Startup with BizSpark
Azure Homepage
Azure Video Series

Cognitive Services:
Main Page

If you have any specific questions feel free to reach out to me on twitter: @timmyreilly

Ocean Beach!
Ocean Beach!

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