Missing The Blog – MeatSpace Part Two

I’ve been missing blogging heavily.

I’ve been rearranging my desk at home, and I think the reconnection with my home workspace made me nostalgic for taking time to blog.

So, as a personal way to kick things off, I want to revisit meatspace…

This photo comes courtesy of the corner of Irving and 22nd… Maybe… Right across from the Cricket store. Anyways, does this billboard have googly eyes???

Oh dear, our Norfolk Pine is dying and we don’t know what to do. It’s now sitting outside, in the cold, waiting for us to reuse the planter and it makes me sad.

Look at this big pups footsies! We took this Photo in Barcelona, I’m impressed with the amount of bakeries in Barcelona and how awesome-terrible a Nutella Croissant could be.

Holy friojoles, one last photo from Barcelona, this one is Sagrada Familia. If you go, I’d recommend waiting to the light is just right and waiting for the space to clear out a little at the end of your reservation for an incredible view of color and architecture. One of the few times I’ve been left awestruck.

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