Node.js Day 1: Learn from a Newbie

Node is totally new to me, and that’s what makes it great.

I’m about to sink my teeth into another web and server world. And try to teach and guide along the way.

So over the next couple weeks I’ll be switching back and forth from the Node world to the Python world. Posting tips, tricks, and takeaways for both as I create my first awesome thing with both.

Feel free to ask me questions along the way.

Resources day 1:
Node Beginner
Get the first taste of Node and begin with some very simple demos to whet your whistle.
Word of warning: It costs $10.00 to continue the lesson. So we’ll see where I head next.

Execution in Kingdom of Nouns
Worth Reading: This is an excellent and very interesting post about software in general. It is referenced by the above book, but is not specific to node. Go read this if you plan to ever write code again. Fascinating.

Starting points from stackoverflow
This is where I left off. How do I decide what to continue with…

Ryan Dahl’s first Node.js talk. Curious about how it all started.

What I did today:

First part of Node Beginner. So, I haven’t paid for anything yet, but I did my first routes and index page. I also read the Java Kingdom post and have started scavenging the Stackoverflow posts for the next step. We’ll continue tomorrow with the next phase of learning.


  • Node is available for windows.
  • Atom is a great text editor, even if it is in Alpha.
  • Make sure you add node to your path.
  • Always work in a Git Repo


Node is cool. I mean really cool. I think I’m getting an introduction to functional programming. I feel like I’m expanding my brain capacity to organize information, while learning how to make a website. Very cool stuff.

Pay close attention early. This stuff is a bit tricky, but learnable. We’re going to do it together, cause you’re learning from a newbie.

We went to brunch in the Haight this weekend. Hooray for the tasty nest!
We went to brunch in the Haight this weekend. Hooray for the tasty nest!

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