Ruby on Rails

I’ve been learning Ruby on Rails for a class project, and it’s awesome. The feeling of actually creating something is awesome! I’ve spent so much time just learning how to print output, it feels awesome to create something that you can actually interact with.

First of all the tutorial I’ve been learning from is awesome: . A great teacher makes all the difference. by Michael Hartl is awesome. It’s patient and helps explain everything very clearly. Its an amazing tutorial. I can’t do it justice with compliments.

Software as a service is great. I love it, it’s hard to express all the neat things it can do and the potential it has for creation. The abstraction of the model to programmer, and not really having to think in terms of SQL, but still being able to control a model. The word model even makes more sense to me than Database. Model seems like something you can build using states and shapes. Database sounds like a complicated warehouse. I can interact with a model, I’m simply overwhelmed by a database!

The ability for Rails to control the model, view, and controller is so relieving. It makes it seem web app programming doable! The learning is very dense though. Sometimes reading a sentence a couple times isn’t enough. And even when I understand it it’s difficult to know if I’ll be able to remember how to implement that test or configuration page.

Learning this makes me feel like a nerd, and I love it. I want to keep learning!
I’d love to have a conversation with an expert about how ruby was created, and how it works, just to geek out for a bit!

In other news…
This was a photo I took of a mountain. I’m excited to begin using color to create a rich experience in applications I design. Snort!
Airplane's and Mountains

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