One awesome thing about windows phone is the wide array of commodity phones.

I love the reliability and durability of Nokia and they are pricing phones at ~$50 bucks OFF CONTRACT!

So, essentially you could have a different phone everyday.

It just so happens that some of these phones are only available in non-us markets.

I purchased the Nokia 1320, but it wasn’t configured to pick up MMS messages from AT&T and I found a fix.

As of November 2014 this is what works for me.

1. Settings > cellular+SIM

2. Make sure active network is AT&T and Data Connection is toggled On

3. Tap on SIM settings

4. You can make the SIM name whatever you want

5. Select the highest connection speed

6. Network Selection > Automatic

7. Manual Internet APN > On

8. Tap ‘edit internet APN’

9. Form should read like this: ( ___ is blank )

APN: pta
User name: ___
Password: ___
Authentication Type: PAP
Proxy Server(URL): ___
Proxy port: ___
IP type: IPv4

9. Tap the Save Icon at the bottom

10. Tap ‘edit MMS APN’

11. Form should read like this: ( ___ is blank )

APN: pta
User Name: ___
Password: ___
Authentication type: PAP
WAP gateway (URL):
WAP gateway port: 80
MMSC port: 80
Maximum MMS size: 1
IP type: IPv4

12. Tap the Save Icon.

13. Go back and tap on any messages that say “Get media content now (1kb)” to download those missing messages.

Ciaran y Andrew son atractivas
Ciaran y Andrew son atractivas

I’ll be switching phones again soon, so if I need to make any other adjustments I’ll post again.