Ultimate Frisbee


I read in article recently about playing Ultimate, and if anyone finds it let me know, because I can’t find it anywhere… I think it was in somebodies blog…

The one line from the article I can’t stop thinking about goes something like this: “Just come out and watch a frisbee fly through the air.” It’s so true. If you can get a potential ultimate player to see how awesome a frisbee flying through the air is, chances are they’re going to come out again. I don’t know how true this is for everyone, and I’m learning how to encourage people to see this amazing feat of aerodynamics and human control.

The reason this idea reverberates so well with me is because I sincerely enjoy watching a frisbee travel through the air. It’s amazing, and so unique to this sport. There’s something about how it slows down everything around it, and allows you to watch and track so fluidly, its engrossing! I love frisbee.


5 Reasons to play Ultimate:

1. Watching a frisbee fly is amazing.
I feel like a hippy saying this but it’s too true. It’s beautiful.

2. If you find a good group of players, they will become like family.
Anytime I see someone I played frisbee with I get a warm fuzzy feeling in my chest. These friends became your teammates, and teammates hold a special place in your heart.

3. Anyone can play. Anyone, always.
This is my favorite reason, anyone can potentially play, as long as you have the right attitude. It’s simple to learn and requires little more than a disc!

4. It is a great workout.
You can run as much as you want on offense, but on defense you have to run!

5. It gives you a way to get in the zone.
Being in the zone is essential for happiness, playing a sport provides zoney experiences.

I love frisbee. I can’t say it enough.


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