Waking up, keyboard installations, hair dryers, and spotify for film

I would pay $100 to watch whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. All the movies ever all the time, just like spotify… for movies and shows. It would be better than xfinity+netflix+hulu+prime+dvds+bluerays+itunes+googleplay+everything else > Filmify.

Hair dryers are barbaric. There has to be a better way to dry off my hair, or I’m not suppose to be showering. Drying my hair before bed is essential for me to sleep well. But I can’t dry my hair quick enough with just a towel. And than shaving. I can’t figure out a way to do it that doesn’t suck, and every time my face feels raw, and I have to put on moistureser… what the heck is moisturizer and why do I need it? Shouldn’t my body take care of this? I think I’m using to much soap. But I don’t know any better… maybe the warm weather will help.

Installing a bluetooth keyboard on a PC is ridiculously still difficult. I couldn’t pair my logitech properly. And it kept saying to type the numbers in the keyboard and press enter, but everytime I pressed enter it just showed another set of numbers. And keyboard just sits there flashing. How am I suppose to know whats going on at all? I want to be able to easily switch to 3 devices like you promised, but that apparently isn’t possible, because I can’t get it to work! Logitech rant! I sincerely like several other things about this keyboard, and overall I’ve really enjoyed using it, but this one little issues has come up and I have to blow it out of proportion to find a solution. That is… It should report the state of the device clearer. Green flashing doesn’t mean much to me. If it was red or color coordinated. Or there were clear instructions on the back. I would be able to use their device properly. and learn the system instead of having to guess and check, or go find that random tiny piece of paper you gave me with the instructions that I’m suppose to ‘file away’ only to be thrown away next time I move. Anyways. Tell me what’s going on.

Sleep. Everynight we sleep. Every morning we wake up… And every night I have to spend time checking and double checking whether or not my phone has got its alarm set. And at the same time consider what morning is going to be like. How do I know what time to wake up. Will I be warm, will I have slept well. Will it be easy to get out of bed, will I hear my alarm. I hope everythings going to be okay??? I wish I could let my mind at ease about the sleeping process, and have faith that as I lie down everything is ready for me to wake up in the morning comfortably and well rested, but right now that’s not possible. I imagine a world where my alarm device would keep track of my sleeping schedule, understand when I sleep/wakeup the best, what pattern succeeds in me coming too peacefully and hopping right out of bed. When to set the alarm based on my habits/appointments. And guide me into the morning without me having to lurch through it. That would be a fine world.

A Fine World Indeed



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