Worth Reading: What we give away when we log on to a public Wi-Fi network

From the Correspondent and Maurits Martijn is THIS great article highlighting vulnerabilities we subject ourselves to when we join a open Wi-Fi network.

Why should I read this?
Have you ever joined an open Wi-Fi network?
This article will open your eyes the dangerous world you’re entering.
How so?
Well personal/private information can be gleaned from your network traffic. And financial info can be stolen or skimmed.
So what am I gonna do? I love free internet!
Here’s a link about how to protect yourself.

Bonus: UX Design in a good looking website.

Park Life Sticker
Matt Thompson a mentor who sits down the hall from me talked to a group of us last week about finding what you love outside of work to keep you focused on your goals. I appreciate that mindset, having a passion will push you to create to your passions end.

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