Testing Application Insights with Java to Test Azure Function Concurrency

Let’s say you want to know how many function instances are calling your DB or Java Service. This generated some discussion on the issues page for the Azure Functions Service Bus configuration documentation. Here:

To do so, I suggest using Application Insights.

See my code here for how to make this possible using Java and the queries made with Application Insights to get these results:

The results of the test are here: https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/8118355/61508915-f31aeb80-a9a0-11e9-82b0-cbbbb2da1f28.png

My next steps include doing more testing and finding if I can hit upper limits for scaling, but I’m afraid that might cost a lot…

Here’s a photo from Big Rec fields as people play Goalty in the background:

People Powered Movement Movement


We live in a city where People Powered Movement, can account for much of our commuting and transit and encouraging the behavior is something I can get behind.

Cars are too fast for most city streets, 30 MPH should be the max speed of this city. And we should start enforcing that speedlimit for the safety of people in People Powered Movement Machines.

I have a pleasant corner office at 10th and Market, and I can see dozens of bikers and walkers everyday. I want to make it so they feel as safe if not safer than people in cars in the city.

SF Bicycle Coalition also needs some competition. So today, I’d like to announce the creation of the the PPMM.

A Biking Club with the focused interest on making roads safe for People Powered Movement Machines. Not just bikes, Skateboards, kick scooters, rickshaws, roller blades, roller skaters, those cool cross country ski trainer things, heelys, etc. have a safe commute in our city.


I have a slight sensation that PPMM might mean something else… But I’m going to stay ignorant and positive for now.

If you bike in SF, you’re probably familiar with this arrangement.

Getting DotNet Core on your computer – Part 1/3: Clean Environment

I’m almost impressed with how difficult of a time I’ve had with using DotNet Core on my windows machine.

I’m not a regular .NET developer, but I have built a number of different tools, functions, PoCs with C#.

While I’m at it, this is one of the main reasons I’ve struggled grokking .NET to help people. The versioning and naming convention issues. C# is an incredibly robust and articulate language, with an incredible diverse set of tools and services. Once your over the hurdles the potential to be productive at Common Enterprise Scale is supes appealing. But before that, I need to get the stuff working in a flexible manner on my computer because I work in many different environments.

Maybe I’m approaching it the wrong way, maybe I should create a VM and do all my work on that? Maybe I should reimage my computer everytime I start a new project? This seems rather silly though. The ability to build, debug, test, and release projects from your own computer seems like one of the compelling reasons to use C#. In some ways, it’s design aligns with the Operating System of windows. Most specifically .dll files. Learning .NET has been a slow process some of the books I’ve read include: “The Yellow Book of C#” and “Functional Programming in C#”. One of the things I struggle with is the stuff in between. I want to move beyond class declaration but not quite all the way into Functional Programming.

So… here I am wanting to learn more and many projects I’ve been working on include a Web components, so ASP.NET Core stand out to me right away. The tough thing here is that to practice writing production code you should design your projects and solutions in a way that optimizes for testing and deployment pipelines. Following best practices from the get go with C# is a bit tricky. So I found this course about testing with ASP.NET Core MVC Unit Testability.

Now I’m stoked to go through this content, but before I do I’d like my dev environment to be similar or at lease working int he same way as Benjamin Day, the author of this course.

Okay, so to begin, I have a couple versions of .NET installed on my computer. But I’m going to uninstall everything to start. I’m also going to uninstall VS Code and all extensions because things were acting weird there as well.

First I uninstalled VS code from the Apps and Features page of the settings in Windows 10!
Then, I found this post for uninstalling VS Code extensions: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/36746857/completely-uninstall-vs-code-extensions
And this one from Scott Hanselman for uninstalling Dotnet Core: https://www.hanselman.com/blog/ScriptsToRemoveOldNETCoreSDKs.aspx
Then I went into my Apps and Features and uninstalled them again…
I even checked my paths, both User and System variables.
I’m also deleting “.omnisharp”, “.nuget”, “.vscode” from my user folders.

And then restart your computer, because that may have been the solution all along \__0__/

So, should have a nice clean environment

Okay have you done all that???
That should take an hour to make sure everything is gone…

Now let’s install dotnet core… http://timmyreilly.azurewebsites.net/installing-dotnet-core-on-windows/

But first a photo:

Picasso’s got me inspired

Missing The Blog – MeatSpace Part Two

I’ve been missing blogging heavily.

I’ve been rearranging my desk at home, and I think the reconnection with my home workspace made me nostalgic for taking time to blog.

So, as a personal way to kick things off, I want to revisit meatspace…

This photo comes courtesy of the corner of Irving and 22nd… Maybe… Right across from the Cricket store. Anyways, does this billboard have googly eyes???

Oh dear, our Norfolk Pine is dying and we don’t know what to do. It’s now sitting outside, in the cold, waiting for us to reuse the planter and it makes me sad.

Look at this big pups footsies! We took this Photo in Barcelona, I’m impressed with the amount of bakeries in Barcelona and how awesome-terrible a Nutella Croissant could be.

Holy friojoles, one last photo from Barcelona, this one is Sagrada Familia. If you go, I’d recommend waiting to the light is just right and waiting for the space to clear out a little at the end of your reservation for an incredible view of color and architecture. One of the few times I’ve been left awestruck.

Major Key – webpack init

Webpack Init

Why isn’t that the default instruction.
Its the most complicated thing and does all sorts of crazy stuff, I always end up breaking it, and it has an initialization command.

> webpack init

Then, you need to set the development mode or this will bug you… Forever.
They even ask you if you’re going to run this in production during the init script.
What the heck?


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